MI Broadband Internet


March 2016 snapshot of Internet services available on Marrowstone Island. Web sites are provided so that you can investigate further

Centurylink DSL

This is the legacy service on the island that promises up to 1.5 Mb download speeds but has become increasingly overloaded and a moratorium is still in place for both new or transferred service.
Centurylink says that they are working on improvements including fiber optic connectivity to their hubs, starting on the south end of the island. Some of this involves traversing Indian Island
which is a State Highway, Navy property, and has PUD poles. Not a simple or inexpensive process. Their monthly price seems to vary between early or later customers and if you complain long and hard enough
about poor delivered speeds. Marrowstone Islanders have petitioned CenturyLink to improve their service.



There are some pure satellite providers such as Hughesnet but most of the available satellite internet is resold capacity or bundles offered through Excede, DishNet, DirecTV, WildBlue, EarthLink or others. Satellite internet can deliver decent speeds,
with some added latency, but they usually have a data cap where added costs or very slow speeds happen if the monthly cap is used up. Some satellite providers have time of day restrictions as well.


You can use your cellular phone data plan for internet access from the major carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. You can also deploy a WiFi hot spot from these services so that you can gain internet access from other computers.
In either case, you are likely to have some limitations on monthly capacity and the coverage on parts of Marrowstone is spotty.


Wireless Internet

High speed internet is available to customers with waterfront properties facing Whidbey Island. They are working on expansions to other parts of the island. There is no data cap and no contract. They offer a full-time reliable and secure service with a friendly installation and monthly billing. Contact David Brader at David@MarrowstoneWireless.com

www.nopdatacenters.com/ - North Olympic Peninsula Data Centers