Suggested nominations for "groups" of Islanders for the next Citizen of the Year Award

Rational to nominate "groups"

The original intent of the COTY Award was to recognize individuals.

There have been 39 COTY recipients since 1973.
  Of those, ...

  • The first 8 Awards went to individuals.
  • In 1981, Clara and Stan Lybeck were the first to receive the Award as a couple.
  • Since then, 17 other couples have been honored with the Award.
  • There was a 10 year stretch from 1998 thru 2007 when ALL the recipients were couples.

I believe the Award should be expanded one more time to include more than individuals and two people; it should also include a group like the MI emergency response volunteers.

Individually, members of a group may not display a sufficient amount of leadership, activism and/or volunteerism to qualify to be nominated for the Award, but collectively - as a group - their activities may dwarf an individual or a couple such as the almost TWO MILLION HOURS of service for ten (10) MI emergency response volunteers for ten (10) years..  

Groups of Islanders should be considered for the Award for their service to the Island and the surrounding communities and county.

Suggested nominees

Below are suggested nominees for "groups" of Islanders for the next Citizen of the Year Award.Some text has been created for those nominees that have links.

  1. MI Emergency Response Volunteers
  2. MI Emergency Preparedness Team
  3. (Click here for instructions on how to nominate one of the following groups or your group)
    1. MIF
    2. MIFG
    3. MICA
    4. NGC
    5. ?
  4. Friends of Fort Flagler  12/3/12 - The FOFF Board has asked that no nominations be submitted for FOFF.


If you think that one or more of the above suggested nominees are ready to be considered for the next Citizen of the Year Award, use the following process to submit Nomination Forms for them.

  1. Click here to print a copy of the Nomination Form (NF) you see at the bottom of this web page. 
  2. At the bottom of that NF ...
    1. Sign your name
    2. Print your nominees name after "I nominate ..."
    3. If you don't want to print off and use the nomination documents listed above, add your nomination text to the NF. Continue on revers side if you need more room. Go to step 6 below.
  3. Click on the link (above) of the group you wish to nominate.
  4. Print their page either on the back of the NF you printed in step 1 above, or attach it to the NF.
  5. Either place the documents (NF and nomination) in the Nomination Box in the Nordland Store between December 1-31 or mail them to the address on the NF.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each of your nominees. 
  7. Thank you.
  8. Invite the members of your nominated group to repeat this process and complete and submit their own NFs and nominations for the group.
  9. Return to "Suggested Nominees"