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This web page (or one like it) could contain information (or links to information) about the Marrowstone Island Community Association (MICA).

If you
  1. have the approval of the MICA Board and have created your own website for MICA, 
  2. or want to develop THIS web page,
  3. or want to develop a simpler Google Docs to replace this web page (see Future web pages),
  4. please contact me  (Webmaster) and I will change the link to point to it.
"The object of the Association shall be to provide a common meeting place for residents and land owners on Marrowstone Island, to assist in the orderly and planned development of the Island and to serve as a forum for education and information."
  1. Bylaws
  2. Committees
  3. Board
    1. Slate (Private)
  4. Marrowstone Island Citizen of the Year

Subpages (1): MICA meeting minutes