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Newcomers to the Island

This is a collection of information that newcomers to the Island may find useful.  Send new info and updates to hphubbard@gmail.com 

Island organizations and services


"Island Net"


  1. Phone service (land line) here is provided by CenturyLink. Most of the people we know get our internet service through them, although some of us use local services in addition. For example, we pay for DSL through CenturyLink and pay monthly rental on an external modem but we pay extra for ISPs like Olympus.Net and Waypoint to provide our email. 
  2. Some have reported that cell phone service is inconsistent around the island, regardless of your server.  At my home at 824 Schwartz Road, Verizon service is poor down at the bluff (far east side) then improves as you walk closer to Schwartz Road.  I have AT&T and it seems good anywhere.  


Unfortunately, there is no cable on the island yet, so most people use satellite.  
  1. DirecTv
    1. You can get a discount on DirecTV if you bundle with CenturyLink.
  2. Dish Network


  1. There is no high speed internet on the island as yet. See MI Broadband
  2. Local ISPs are OlympusNet, Waypoint, 
  3. Mobile 4G WIFI card is an option.
  4. Satellite systems like www.hughesnet.com/

Health services in Jefferson county, WA


Trash collection

  1. Many of us take our trash to the transfer station outside of Port Townsend, 
  2. Others use Murrey’s Disposal 360-385-6612. Pickup is on Fridays with recycle pickup every other week -- I think! 
  3. We take our recyclables to the bins in Hadlock (by the county Sheriff's offices) or the city 'dump'. 

(More to be added)