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I use the Island Net to ...

The Island Net is intended for Marrowstone Island residents and landowners (past, present and future) who want to exchange information that is of general interest to all islanders. Junk mail is prohibited. E-mail, of general - island wide - interest, like those listed below are acceptable to the members of this list.

If you have Island friends or neighbors who are not on the Island Net, go to the bottom and print this page and give it to them. Tell them to type "" into their browser then click on the link  "Island Net"  in the left sidebar to subscribe.

"GS" below means a Google search of the Island Net Message archives for the set of words after "GS".


  1. I want to hear what people are doing 
  2. Some have expressed an interest in (respective) banter that has been termed "chit chat". A few would prefer a little less banter. (GS)


  1. I want to barter or exchange something


  1. I want to sell something
  2. I have a business on the Island


  1. If you are going to Costco ... 


  1. I need a ride to the .... (ferry, ....) 


  1. See "Forbidden Topics" below.
  2. What is you opinion about ...


  1. Next MICA meeting - GS MICA meeting
  2. Next MIF meeting - GS MIF meeting
  3. Next NGC Annual Art & Craft Fair - GS art craft
  4. Numerous Nordland Store events  


  1. Funerals
  2. Introducing new Islanders 

Help wanted or offered

  1. Gardeners
  2. Weeders
  3. Boxes (to move)
  4. Move a item

Forbidden topics

  1. Jokes, recipes
  2. Ethical or morale issues 
  3. Political discussions, comments and/or endorsements. NOTE: One-time announcements of political topics of interest to MOST Islanders is permitted.
  4. Use MI-Politics for all other political commentary.
  5. ?
  • NOTE: Subscribers who post forbidden topics will be warned and placed on moderation status (I either approve or reject their future posts). If someone disregards my warning, I will give one last warning that they will be banned if they continue. Since 1999, I've banned 2 subscribers. 

If you don't think a message should have been posted

If you don't think a message abides by the "rules" we have agreed to above, please send me a note describing the infraction and what you think should be done about it.

If you think a "forbidden" topic should be discussed

If you think a "forbidden" topic should be allowed to be posted and discussed, send me a note describing it and why.
If I don't agree, then ...
  • start your own mailing list (it is very easy)
  • post one note to the Island Net inviting others to register for your forum so you and they can discuss it. 

(Give me a category to place here, then your explanation.)

  1. ?

My private notes for managing the Yahoo account

My post that the Island Net is temporarily in "moderated" status

Two out of the last three posts to the Island Net did not comport with the purpose of the Island Net (as described in the Yahoo home page a, the MI Portal at and here 

“The Island Net is intended for Marrowstone Island residents and landowners (past, present and future) who want to exchange information that is of general interest to all Islanders. Junk mail is prohibited. Mail (e-mail post), of general - Island wide - interest, like community events, community information, help requests, special events (garage/estate sales, etc.), etc. are acceptable to the members of this list. All other posts will be deleted and future messages from the poster will be temporarily moderated (I will approve or reject them).” 

99% of the time I do not moderate Island Net messages and thus posts like those mentioned above will happen from time-to-time. 

If the posters did not send those notes, their Yahoo accounts may have been hijacked and they should read this

It is very easy to create a mailing list for those types of topics and you can periodically tell/remind Island Net subscribers. Contact me if you want to learn how. 

"Moderated" means that all posts to the Island Net are sent to me to review and either approve and release them, or reject them. 


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