"Marrowstone 2"


Karen Russell and Jeanne Bean published "Marrowstone" in 1978. It covered "... the period from1885 to1952 (1952 per Karen. Book sleeve says "... to 1945"), following the lives of two generations of Island residents and setting important events in chronological order." A lot has happened since 1945/1978.  Is it time for a follow up (e)book?

I propose, that over time, Island authors create a set of Google Docs that will collectively comprise an eBook extension of the "Marrowstone" book. During this phase of collecting information, stories, and drafting the eBook, it will be called "Marrowstone 2". The nickname will be "m2" so you can easily find this web page via this short link -

I chose Google Docs (GD) as the media because it 1) is easily accessible to anyone from any computer, 2) permits collaborative and real-time editing for multiple authors, and 3) is searchable. A group of editors will collect and organize the links to the GDs in the
eBook. Since we do not want to allow anyone in the world to edit this  eBook, we will control who edits it via an authorized list of editors. If you wish to become an editor, please click here to post your request.

If you are not an editor and wish to contribute to the eBook, simply click here to compose your post. However, we can not guarantee that an editor will COPY/PASTE your contribution into this eBook. Please include your full name and a phone number.

If you wish to discuss the eBook, click here to join the "m2-public" public mailing list and view current discussions.

Editorial "rules"

  1. Contributors/editors shall have agreed to the provisions in Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States — CC BY-SA 3.0
  2. People's contributions shall be kept as written.
  3. When we get too many editors and/or too many pages in a Google Doc, the editors (in the m2-editors mailing list) will discuss the need for additional GDs.
  4. Click here to propose and discuss other "rules".


  1.  And after people have written their experiences who gains the copyright to all the submitted pieces?
    1. Pete suggests that ALL who contribute/edit shall have agreed beforehand to the provisions in Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 United States — CC BY-SA 3.0
  2. Click here to propose and discuss other concerns.

Additional notes/thoughts

I will convert Karen Russell and Jeanne Bean links to their bios when they are created.

Integrate the following  ...

  1. images from videos and slides from YouTube, Google's Picassa albums, photos on the Island Net" website. 
  2. MI Citizen of the Year recipients - see http://www.marrowstone.info/citizenoftheyear
  3. "Hellow Pages"
  4. Leader and PDN articles
  5. Click here to propose other sources of information..