Recognition of Marrowstone Emergency Medical Services (MEMS) volunteers

A brief history of MEMS

In ?, a small group of Marrowstone residents, headed by Jeanne Clendenon and Lisa Painter, formed the Marrowstone Emergency Medical Services (MEMS).  ….

Recognition of MEMS

March 6, 2010 potluck

On March 6, 2010, about a dozen Islanders organized and over 200 attended a potluck to recognize the emergency response volunteers. (2/5/2010 PDN article, 3/7/2010 PT Leader article)

Proposed recognition

Pete Hubbard had talked to Rita Kepner about a more permanent recognition of volunteer services, and she invited him to present his thoughts at a Marrowstone Island Foundation (MIF) Board meeting on 2/24/2015.

Pete’s presentation was well received and Rita volunteered to chair a MIF committee to continue the conversation. As of 3/23/2015, the current committee is Rita, Lisa Painter, Cheryl Brunette and Pete Hubbard (a none MIF member).

On 3/23/2015, Rita, Lisa and Pete met to continue the discussion. We briefly talked about including all Island volunteers in the scope of this recognition, but decided to focus on only MEMS members.

We also explored ideas for the form and location of the recognition ranging from a posting a simple list of the volunteers to a drive around 3 dimensional diorama.

The scope of the recognition

We briefly talked about including all Island volunteers in the scope of this recognition, but decided to defer to the desire of Lisa Painter to focus only on (the original) MEMS members.

The form and location of the recognition

  • Minimalist: A list of names

    • Post online at or at the Garden Club or store

    • Cheryl: I have a list of volunteers that I used for the 3/5/2010 potluck. There may be data there that you might want to add to your list.

  • A web page (like this one) on

  • A plaque

  • A publication (book?) about MEMS

  • Maximalist: Drive around 3 dimensional diorama

    • Rita showed us a model. Pete will add a photo here when it is ready.

    • Between Fire Hall and Ambulance building

    • Fort Flagler ruled out because of need for $30 Visitors Pass

    • Maybe someone would donate the land   

Committee members

  • Rita Kepner - artist

    • Offers to be one of the artists

    • Maybe Marge Illman (and other Islanders) might want to help with the design


  • Lisa Painter -

  • Cheryl Brunette - research

    • List of MEMS volunteers

    • Sandy Barrett has the “Timeline”  (12 foot banner) that people wrote on at the 3/5/2010 potluck.

    • Pete has some photos

  • Pete Hubbard - project documentation - 1-360-385-0105 C: 1-360-808-0766

Next tasks

  1. At the 3/23/2015 meeting, Pete volunteered to start this private web page/Google Doc to capture what we have discussed so far. Pete will share the link to this private web page and Google Doc (GD) with the committee members.

  2. ?/2015: Review and develop this document, and discuss what is next.  Consider inviting Karen Russell to join our team.

Updating this document

Two copies

There are two (2) copies of this document.

  1. The web page at is the “published” version.

  2. The Google Doc (GD) version will be used to draft text, and to collaborate with the committee members.  When members agree, Pete will COPY/PASTE the most recent version of the GD to the web page at

    1. Anyone with a link to the GD can make comments, ask questions, etc., by simply doing one of the following:

      1. just type in your text in the appropriate location,  

      2. or highlight text (like this), do a right-mouse click, type in text, then click on ‘Comment”.

    2. If you wish to get an email when a member has added a “Comment” to the GD, simply go to the GD, click on “Comments” in the upper right corner, click on “Notifications”, then select “All”.


  • To print the “published” web page at simply click on “Print Page” at the bottom of the web page.

  • To print the “draft” Google Doc (GD) version simply click on printer-icon on the upper left tool bar of this edit window.