MICA (Marrowstone Island Community Association)


The object of the Association shall be to provide a common meeting place for residents and landowners on Marrowstone Island, to assist in the orderly and planned development of the Island and to serve as a forum for education and information.

Membership dues

Membership dues are $10 for an individual and $15 for a family.

Dues are nominally payable to the Treasurer in September, but can be paid any time from the Strawberry Festival in June and on (prorated) during the year.

MICA Board Members


  • President - Ken Collins, 379-9448, kennethrcollins@gmail.com

  • Past President - Chris Prescott, 385-1772, curlyvictor@gmail.com

  • Vice-President -  Vigo Anderson, 360-302-0359

  • Secretary - Judith Collins, 379-9448

  • Treasurer - Owen Mulkey, 385-5374, owen@olympus.net

  • 1st Member at Large -

  • 2nd Member at Large -

  • Nominating Committee

    • Kurt Steinbach

    • ?

    • ?

(See Past Mica Board Members)


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Citizen of the Year


(Restricted) slate for 2012-2013 Board Members



Emergency Preparedness

Ground Water

Salt Water


The MICA bylaws, which were amended on January 19, 1998, March 16, 1998, and June, 2005 are contained in this Google Docs document.

History of amendments.

MICA Participation

  • Click here to view a spreadsheet of MICA Participation

General Information

MICA was established in 1950. It has general meetings at the Nordland Garden Club at the end of Garden Club Road on the third Monday of September, November, January, March and May.

Membership is open to all residents and/or property owners of the Island eighteen or older.

The Nordland Garden Club graciously provides their clubhouse for the MICA meetings.

MICA sponsors an annual Strawberry Festival in June as well as other social events during the year.

General meeting announcements are posted on the "Island Net", the Island entrance signboard at the triangle garden and at the Nordland Store.

Contact MICA at P.O. Box 163, Nordland WA 98358-9622, or any one of the current Board Members.


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