Past Mica Board Members

Below is a table of past MICA Board members. The "Year" column is the year the Board members were voted in and took office.

Send me names, positions and dates to fill out this table. Thanks, Pete 

 President  Vice-President  Secretary  Treasurer  1st Member at Large  2nd Member at Large
 2014Ken Collins  Vigo Anderson Judith Collins   Owen Mulkey    
 2013  Chris PrescottKen Collins Darlene Grunke   Owen Mulkey Judith Collins  Sandy Barrett 
2012  Barry Lerich
  Chris Prescott Debbie Williams Owen Mulkey Sally DernDarlene Grunke
 Martin Ivers  Barry Lerich and
Chris Prescott
 Kristine Burns  Owen Mulkey  Karen Russell  Ruth Winn
2010  Roger Eichman  Martin Ivers  Kristine Burns  Owen Mulkey    
   Roger Eichman        
 2008  Joyce Roberts-Garbo          
 2007  Sally Dern  Joyce Roberts-Garbo  Sandy Barrett  Owen Mulkey  Pat Seavoy  Joyce Zodiaco
 2006  Bill Bahlburg  Sally Dern and Sandy Barrett    Owen Mulkey    
 2005    Bill Bahlburg        
 2001  Mike Zimmerman          
 2000  Jack Dern  Mike Zimmerman  Rex Rice  Lisa Painter  Hank Hazen  Sandy Barrett
 1999    Jack Dern        
 1998  Carrie Rice          
 1997  Pete Hubbard
 Carrie Rice
 1996  Kevin Miller
 Pete Hubbard        
 1995  Hank Hazen  Kevin Miller        
 1994    Hank Hazen        
 1992  John Matthiesen          
 1991  John Matthiesen