MICA meeting attendance

The MICA Board is in phase 1 of a discussion about how we can increase interest in and attendance at the five (5) general MICA meetings held each year. So far, we have listed the following five (5) reasons why we think interest and attendance has been low, and below each a list of actions we may, will or have taken to improve it.

Phase 2 will be to ask you - the Marrowstone Island community for which this association is meant to serve - to tell us what we have missed. Please click on this page to call or email one of the board members  to share you thoughts.

I didn't know about the meeting

  1. We need to improve our publicity for the meetings
    1. The MICA VP currently posts the date of the next MICA meeting on Welcome sign at triangle about 2 weeks before the event. (He also inserts the "/mica" sign at the end of the "www.marrowstone.info" sign. Perhaps this should be done earlier - say 3 weeks?
    2. Someone should post reminders earlier (when, how often?) to the Island Net
    3. Someone should post a flyer (when, where?) at the NGS. (Someone needs to make it.)
    4. Someone should should submit (when?) an article to the local newspapers (Leader and PDN)
  2. Current "Island Net" subscribers should invite more Islanders to subscribe to it so more Islanders get these notifications

I have a previous commitment - like being out of town

  1. Ask the leader of the CURRENT MICA meeting to remind attendees (at the beginning and the end of the meeting) of the dates of the next meetings.
  2. Z will post a reminder note on the Island Net to remind Islanders to mark their calendars for the next meetings.
  3. Pete will modify the "footer" to add the reminder above.
  4. X will work on publicizing our meetings with some arty posters like FOFF

The MICA programs do not appeal to me

  1. Pete to post questions (periodically) to ask Islanders for ideas for programs/speakers (See http://www.marrowstone.info/programs)
  2. Pete will modify the "footer" to ask Islanders for ideas for future programs.
  3. Ask the leader of the CURRENT MICA meeting to ask attendees for ideas for future MICA programs.
  4. Currently, the MICA Program Chair (VPs Barry and Chris) is in charge of the program - to include coming up with ideas.

    I would like to propose that we open this process up to the Islanders by asking the Program Chair to 1) periodically invite (via posts to the Island Net) Islanders (NOT just MICA members) to give them recommendations for topics and speakers of potential interest to MOST Islanders, then 2) ask Pete to add those ideas to a web page he will maintain that contains a listing of ALL prior program/speaker suggestions and actual programs we have had, and then 3) conduct a VOTEing session  (on the Island Net) to ask subscribed Islanders to select the next speaker(s).  We should do this NOW to prepare for the January 1/16/2010 meeting.

    The President should also add to his/her meeting agenda to remind attendees to submit program ideas to the Program Chair for the next MICA meeting.

MICA meetings are not social enough

  1. Remind folks of the potluck dinner before the September meeting.
  2. Consider opening the hall earlier for social gathering.
  3. Extend the break a little longer. Cookies?

I don't want to join MICA

  1. You do not need to join MICA, although we wish you would. MICA meetings are open to anyone. However, you may not participate in a vote unless you have paid your dues.