MICA Board Duties

"B:" = Duties listed in the MICA Bylaws
"P:" = Practices which have not yet been added to Bylaws or Standing Rules
"S:" = Suggested/proposed duties


  1. B: V-Sec. D    The President shall preside at all General Membership and Executive Board (Council) meetings, shall appoint one (1) member to the Nominating Committee, appoint all other committees needed, with the exception of the Cemetery Committee and the Citizen of the Year Committee, call special meetings and perform all other duties usually associated with this office.
  2. B: VII-Sec. C  Special meetings may be called by the President or an Executive Board quorum vote.  The membership must have at least a one week notice.


  1. B: V-Sec. E  The Vice-President shall act in place of the President in the President's absence, serve as the Program Chair, and co-chair the Strawberry Festival with the President.
  2. P:  Install the "/mica" sign at the end of the "WWW.MARROWSTONE.INFO" sign on the "Welcome to MI" sign at the Triangle. When you put up the date sign for the next MICA meeting, please remove any signs (like the “/island-net” sign) to expose the "/mica" sign and put it in your plastic sign box, then reinstall it when you take down the date sign. Each sign is held in place by a paper clip around a screw.


  1. B: V-Sec. F  The Secretary shall keep minutes of General and Executive Board Meetings, maintain files and current correspondence and conduct business in the name of the Association, as directed.


  1. B: V-Sec. G    The Treasurer shall deposit all monies collected and pay all bills approved by the President.  The Treasurer shall collect dues and maintain a current Membership Roster, said Roster to be available at General Meetings for Membership Chair use and for Secretary's use in certifying quorums.
  2. Standing Rule: (MICA) will make a donation of at least $125 to the Garden Club annually in September to help cover expenses on the hall. 


  1. B: VI-Sec. A   The Program Chair is the Vice-President.
  2. B: VI-Sec. B   The Membership Chair shall keep a record of members' attendance and act as meeting host. The Chair shall invite new and established residents and property owners of Marrowstone Island to become members.
  3. B: VI-Sec. C   The Refreshment Chair shall provide and serve refreshments at meetings and events.
  4. B: VI-Sec. D   The Publicity Chair shall notify news media of meetings and activities. (See Article VI, Section I.)
  5. B: VI-Sec. E    The Historian shall maintain a scrapbook of newspaper articles and miscellaneous memorabilia and have scrapbook on display at meetings.
  6. B: VI-Sec. F    The Nominating Committee shall consist of two (2) members elected by the membership and one (1) appointed by the President.  They shall propose a slate of officers to be elected at the last meeting in May.  Other nominations for each office may be made from the floor.  There must be a majority ballot of those members present to elect.
  7. B: VI-Sec. G    The Cemetery Committee shall be a continuing committee of not less than five (5) nor more than seven (7) members chosen by a vote of the Association at any meeting when a vacancy occurs.
  8. B: VI-Sec. H    Standing committees are Comprehensive Planning, Ground Water, Salt Water, Emergency Preparedness and the Fire Protection and Prevention Committee.