MICA Board slate for 2014-2015


We will be seeking nominations for the following MICA Board positions throughout the year. 

Contact one of the Nominating Committee members below if you wish to be added to the slate. 

Please specify the Board position you seek.

Nominations will also be requested/accepted from the floor at the March and May meetings, and voted on at the May meeting.

Board Position  Current Board membersProposed slate Candidates 
President  Chris Prescott 385-1772Ken Collins 379-9448  
 Vice-PresidentKen Collins 379-9448  Vigo Anderson 360-302-0359 
 Secretary Darlene Grunke 301-5001 Judith Collins 379-9448 
 Treasurer Owen Mulkey 385-5374  Owen Mulkey 385-5374 
 Two (2) additional Board Members Judith Collins 379-9448
Sandy Barrett - 385-1481
 Sandy Barrett, Patricia Earnest 
 Two (2) Nominating Committee MembersGladys Heinzinger 385-9049
Martin Ivers 385-2083 
 Barry Lerich, Roger Eichman, Kurt Steinbach 
 3rd Nominating Committee Member appointed by the President   

The following was copied from this section of the MICA Bylaws.

ARTICLE V  -  Officers and their duties

Sec.  A    Officers of the Association shall be:  President, President-elect  who shall serve as Vice-President,     Secretary and Treasurer.  These officers will be elected for one (1) year by a majority ballot of the members present at the last meeting in May.  Also elected at the May meeting will be two (2) members of the Association to serve on an Executive Board (Council) and two (2) members to serve on the Nominating Committee for the following year.

Sec. B    The Executive Board shall consist of six voting officers and the non-voting Committee Chairs.  The most recent past President is in ex-officio status. A quorum for the Executive Board shall be four voting officers.

Sec. C    The Executive Board (Council) may act for the Association when a matter of extreme importance occurs that requires immediate action before a meeting of the Association can be called.  A quorum for the Board is four (4).

Sec. D    The President shall preside at all General Membership and Executive Board (Council) meetings, shall appoint one (1) member to the Nominating Committee, appoint all other committees needed, with the exception of the Cemetery Committee and the Citizen of the Year Committee, call special meetings and perform all other duties usually associated with this office.

Sec. E    The Vice-President shall act in place of the President in the President's absence, serve as the Program Chair, and co-chair the Strawberry Festival with the President.

Sec. F     The Secretary shall keep minutes of General and Executive Board Meetings, maintain files and current correspondence and conduct business in the name of the Association, as directed.

Sec. G    The Treasurer shall deposit all monies collected and pay all bills approved by the President.  The Treasurer shall collect dues and maintain a current Membership Roster, said Roster to be available at General Meetings for Membership Chair use and for Secretary's use in certifying quorums.

Past MICA Slates