Marrowstone University (MU)

Marrowstone Island is a community filled with diverse talent, knowledge and skills.  This is a huge resource on this small island.  Wouldn't it be fun to have a way to share what you have with those who would like to learn from you?  

A very short list of potential things that might be shared: Gardening (master gardeners), orchards, writing, publishing, painting, pottery, welding, woodworking, pet training, animal care, automotive repair, electrical work, plumbing, building, ham radio and electronics, sailing and boat handling, sail making, child care, first aid, emergency preparedness, book keeping.... the list is of course practically endless.  

The concept: Anyone wishing to share their skills, knowledge or expertise with other islanders, is invited to join this group, then go to their Next Door profile page and provide their biography, list of interests, or both.  [See mine (Kurt Steinbach) for an example.]  Pete Hubbard and I are working with Next Door to enable searching the MU all groups by a keyword that would allow a person to find something they wish to learn listed in a profile of the person offering the skill or knowledge.  Then the student would email the owner(s) of the profile(s) that came up in the keyword search.  The relationship of the student and teacher from that point on would be discretely their own and separate from the MU group. 

This group is a work in progress.  I am interested in feedback, and will consider all suggestions on how to make Marrowstone University something from which we can all benefit. 

Link to the Google Doc.