Neighbors helping neighbors

Several Islanders have suggested that I create this web page and a link to it in the "What's New?" ("footer") of all Island Net emails to remind subscribers about using the Island Net to post the following general and specific  volunteer services offered and wants/needs and/or. 

This web page compliments the "Hellow Pages" which is contains a listing of Island-wide organizations and businesses.

If you have Island friends or neighbors who are not on the Island Net, go to the bottom and print this page and give it to them. Tell them to type "" into their browser then click on the link  "Island Net"  in the left sidebar to subscribe.

Volunteer services offered

  1. Some members (?,?,?) of the MIEP Team have offered to help you plan for a disaster.  
  2. I can offer rides to ... (the ferry, Port Hadlock, QFC, Port Townsend, SEATAC, Port Ludlow, the JC Hospital, my dentist, etc.) [Submit your information here for the MI "Need a Ride" program.]
  3. (Click my email address ( to suggest other volunteer services to add here - including services you will personally offer.)


Many of the 6000+ Island Net messages we've all seen over the past 13 years have asked for items and services like the following. We're listing them here to give you an idea of the kins of things you might want to request.

If you are subscribed to the Island Net, click this email address to post your message asking  ...  

  1. I would like a home safety inspection. [First, check out the "MI Home Safety Checklist".]
  2. I need help with my garden (or other plants, trees, etc.)  [First, check out Marrowstone Island Food Growers (MIFG)]
  3. I would like some personal help preparing for a disaster
  4. I need a lift assist
  5. If you are going to x (Silverdale, Sequim, PA, PT, Costco, QFC, Safeway, Hadlock Building Supply, Carls, etc.) could you call me to pick up x.
  6. I want to barter or exchange x.
  7. I want to sell x.
  8. I want to donate or give x away.
  9. I would like to join some groups. [First, check out the  1.2 Island Organizations  in the "Hellow Pages"]
  10. I need a ride to ... (the ferry, Port Hadlock, QFC, Port Townsend, SEATAC, Port Ludlow, the JC Hospital, my dentist, etc.) [First, check out the MI "Need a Ride" program.]
  11. I would like some cookies and milk
  12. (Click my email address ( to suggest other wants/needs to add here.)
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