Nordland Post Office 98358

Help me make this web page a clearing house for information and action items that we can use to:
  1. keep our 98358 Zip Code, 
  2. keep the Post Office here and 
  3. keep the current hours. 
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Our Post Office

  • Click here to view the services that our USPS and our Post Office offers. 
    • Use our PO rather than Port Hadlock or Chimicum
    • Use USPS rather than UPS or FedEx, if you can, to send AND receive your mail/packages.   

4/5/13 - Senate Bill

What's next? (Post 3/5 meeting)

  • Our newest petition is set up to protest the prefunding of retiree healthcare benefits in the postal service. The post office is required by Congress to prefund 75 years of retiree healthcare benefits in a 10 year window at $5.5 billion dollars a year. They are the only business or government agency who is required to do this. All financial figures released by the postal service include this obligation by Congress in them. So the postal service financial crisis is a manufactured crisis. One manufactured by Congress.

    Please share and sign the petition below.

  • Click here to view and sign other petitions about the Post Office
  • Click here to view PDN article 3/7/2013 "Marrowstone residents turn out to support post office in Nordland"
  • Click here to view the planning document for what is next.

3/5/13 - Post Office Meeting Timeline

  • Click here to view the  72 page ADVISORY OPINION ON POST OFFICE STRUCTURE PLAN  (PDF)
  • Click here to view the timeline for the meeting.

Photos and videos

  • Click here to view the 3/7/13 - KIRO TV segment
  • If you will taking photos or videos at the meeting and will be uploading them to a Cloud like Picasa or Flickr, send me the link(s) and I will post them here. 


2/22/13 -Dan's Action Plan

Post Office Facebook page

2/20/13 Meeting at the Nordland Garden Club

Prep for March 5th

    We need you at the March 5th meeting at 3 pm at the store. See photo ->

    Click the links below to learn about the committee and join it.


  • Chair: Pete Hubbard - 385-0105
  • There are conflicting numbers for the MI Population: 844  and 897. So I'll round it up to 900.  (More)  The Postal Service considers 60% of the Island population to be a strong indicator of preference. 60% of 900 = 540. Thus, we need to get at least 540 signatures on the petition. We are finding about 5% are off-island addresses and there may be duplicates. We have a plan to get the exact number.) 

Petition Statistics

  •  I will update these numbers periodically. (Post)
    • 3/4 - REVISED FINAL TALLY:  26 pages of the petition = 593 signatures (including 41 proxies) less (7 duplicates and 65 off-island) equal 521 net valid. 59.4% of 877 Islanders signed the petition. 
    • 3/4 - FINAL TALLY: 26 pages of petitions = 593 signatures (including 41 proxies) less (7 duplicates and 65 off-island) equal 521 net valid. 64% of 877 Islanders signed the petition. 
    • 3/2 - 23 pages of petitions = 498 signatures less (5 duplicates and 50 off-island) equal 443 net valid. We have 25 proxies. We need 82 more signatures or 3.7 more petition pages.
    • 3/1 - 22 pages of petitions = 476 signatures less (4 duplicates and 45 off-island) equal 427 net valid. We need 113 more signatures or 5 more petition pages. 
    • 2/27 - 21 pages of petitions = 453 signatures; net valid = 393. We need 147 (540-393) more signatures or 7 more petition pages. 
    • 2/23 - 18 pages of petitions = 396 signatures (18*22) times 95% = net valid = 376. We need 174 (540-376) more signatures or 8 more petition pages.   
  • Click here to view the Petition Committee's work page.


  1. Chair: Rita Kepner 395-5971
  2. Click here to view the Media Committee's work page.
  3. Click here to view MEDIA ADVISORY 
  4. Click here to view our elected officials.
  5. Click here to view a draft of a 2-page letter you can copy
  6. Misc.  


  • Chair: Frost Freeman 379-5573.
  • Click here to view the Sign Committee's work page.


  • Chair: Jill Hoines 385-5459
  • Click here to view the Doorbell/Telephone Committee's work page.
  • Scripts
    • Knock on doors
    • Call


  • Chair:  Paul Richmond - 390-379-5575
  • Click here to view the Post Office's response to the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request.
  • Click here to view the Legal Committee's work page.


  • Click here to view some photos of the meeting.
  • Per Heather Tillman ( 379-1434 ) -  Since we were told tonight that we need to "raise a stink" to get anywhere on this - rather than on a fast tract to closure - I suggest that if you can't be at the March 5th meeting, you send me a headshot photo, and with your permission I will enlarge it,  put it on a stick, and carry it to the meeting to represent your personal concern!   The same for any other snowbirds out there that feel strongly about this.. The more the merrier on this, and it would be a good visual reminder of the many people behind this issue who are not always visible.  

Key Island Net posts


  1. Click this link to view and print a copy of the Postal Plan letter and survey.

On May 10, 2012, Sandy Barrett posted the following note:

Hello Islanders:
There is an article in today's PDN about Post Offices closing.  As you may have heard, they have said they will not be closing rural post offices as had been previously announced. (yet)  However, they will be cutting the hours of many, including ours, from 8 to 6 hours daily.
The article further states they will:  '... seek regulatory approval and get community input, a process that could take several months'. It also quotes Megan Brennan, the Postal Service's chief operating officer as saying 'At the end of the day, we will not close rural post offices until we receive community input'.
It appears we have our work cut out for us!  We need to contact Representative Dicks and Senators Cantwell and Murray to tell them how important it is for us to keep this post office open!!

I posted a this link to a web page with contact information for our elected officials and then I received the following request: “can someone send out a straightforward list of the email addresses of the people we need to contact? we'll get right on it if we have a list. and if there are phone numbers we will phone them too. and send faxes!!!!”  If you can collect that information and send it to me, I will post it here.

Click here to view the PDN article and click here to do a Google search for other related articles.  Other articles will be listed below.

Send me ( any information you want me to add to this web page.