1. Pete Hubbard

  2. Barry Lerich

  3. George Chechopolous

  4. Dick Illman - MI Broadband -

  5. Jo Ann Comstock

    1. Fort Flagler -

    2. Calendar -

The process for updating pages

  1. Pete will make a GD out of the next page to be updated by someone (Jane Doe). See below for example

    1. Editing a GD rather than any other file is required so that Pete does not have to do any manipulation before he does Step 3.

  2. Jane edits the GD then tells Pete when she is compete.

  3. Pete takes about 10 seconds to COPY and PASTE the page.

Updating the “revamp” page

  1. Ctrl + “A”, then COPY this GD

  2. Go to

  3. PASTE and SAVE

Suggested tags

(GMAIL to Barry)

A. What do you think of the following tags?

  1. **nolink = remove the link to this web page from the left sidebar

  2. **link = keep or put the link to this web page in the left sidebar

  3. **edit = edit this web page

  4. **del = delete this web page

  5. **done = the above action has been completed

B. And this priority scheme?

  1. 1 = critical or very important. Please address now (I don’t expect many of these)

  2. 2 = important. Please address after #1s are completed. (I expect some to be in this category, given that neither one of us have a lot of time.)

  3. 3 = whenever possible. To be completed after #2 have been completed. (I expect most to be in this category.)

C. And these priorities combining A and B? In other words, we would tackle web pages with these tags in this order.

  1. **nolink1

  2. **link1

  3. **edit1   I.e. maybe

  4. **del1

  5. **nolink2

  6. **link2

  7. **edit2

  8. **del2

  9. **nolink3

  10. **link3

  11. **edit3

  12. **del3

Prioritized list of pages needing updating

I’m waiting for a list from Barry Lerich.


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  3. .

  4. .

  5. .

  6. .

  7. .

  8. .

  9. .




I started this website in February of 2011. For the first few years, I spent hundreds of hours getting it to where it is today. I haven’t done much maintenance in the past few years.

October, 2015 - Barry Lerich approaches me  

Barry Lerich said he wanted to help me fix topics that were out of date. Thank you, Barry.

If you want to help Barry and me, click here to get a Google account (using your current email address) and download the Google Drive. Then ask me to give you edit access to this document. Pick a topic you want to work on and send me a link to the webpage. I will COPY/PASTE the web page contents below and you can begin editing it. When you have finished, let me know and I will COPY your edited topic back into the webpage.

March 24, 2016 - Post to Nextdoor

  1. George, Dick and Jo Ann responded.

  2. Setup revamp page -

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