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Upcoming scheduled events

  • Monthly "Map Your Neighborhood" meetings at the Hubbard's. Click here to read more.


9/16/2013 - MICA meeting and program 

  1. ? Reconsider the revised MICA By-laws.
  2. Five (5) MICA meetings on the third Monday of September, November, January, March and May.
  3. Add to your calendars: 2013-14: ;

1/8/2014 - 7 PM Emergency Preparedness Radio Check


Items of continuing importance or interest

Prepare for a disaster or an emergency

Information for newcomers to the Island

Review our MI "Hellow" Pages 

Save our Nordland Post Office and 98358 ZIP

  • Click Nordland Post Office 98358 to read what you can do to keep our 98358 Zip Code, keep the Post Office here and keep the current hours.

Food Bank - especially on Thursday    

Future unscheduled events

9/1 - Friends of Fort Flagler (FoFF) Concerts for 2012 


5/??/2014 - Tractor days at the Nordland General Store at 11:00 a.m. till 3:00 p.m.

About the Island Net

327 Island Net subscribers  (~ 39% of 844 residents)  

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Request for backup to manage the Island Net

I have one person backing me up on the Island Net. I would like one more. Click here to learn more.


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Create your own web page for this MI Information portal

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Reuse text for next year

5/1?/2014 - Rhody Parade with (COTY honoree) at 1 PM

  • Plan to attend the Rhody Parade on Saturday May 1 at 1 PM to watch John Matthiesen chauffeur ? in his hot red Jaguar XK8 convertible.
  • Click Citizen of the Year Award
5/?/2014 Present and vote on MICA Board Officers Slate. Click https://sites.google.com/site/marrowstoneislandinformation/mica/slate

>>> 5/22/2013 <<< Click http://www.marrowstone.info/whatsnew to read announcements like monthly "Map Your Neighborhood" meetings, Tractor Days, Radio Test, Strawberry Festival, MIEP Yard Sale, review our MI "Hellow" Pages, and much more.